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Jiji offers the country the opportunity to trade both fairly used as well as new goods in various categories and recently began offering job searching services using its job vacancy search tool. Most of its operation is done through its official website and official app which is available both on Android and iOS platforms.

As from 2024/06/17, Jiji flyer here will provide details on the various Jiji sales and offers available to make the celebration one to remember. These deals will cover several categories such as Other. Please visit Jiji’s official website and subscribe for Jiji flyer Jiji Catalogue to be informed of all the latest deals and promos available on Jiji.

Jiji Offers Available Online


Jiji was founded in Lagos, Nigeria in 2014 by Anton Wolyansky, who is currently the CEO of Jiji. In the following year, Jiji began a project called Jiji Blog, also known as here. For the past few years after its inception, Jiji has taken several measures to increase its followership and sellers patronage as it uses its website, app, and social media to carry out its sales. The goods placed for sale here usually offer much lower prices than its competitors such as Jumia and Konga.

Jiji has expanded across the Nigerian borders to four other African countries and operates in major cities in those countries. It doesn’t have any physical stores on ground and so operates online 24hours a day, 7days a week. However, its headquarters and customer care service are only available from 8am to 6pm every day.

Information about this can be found in the Jiji flyer, Jiji Catalogue (here), that is available on their website,

Goods categories found in Jiji Sales


Jiji sales online usually cover a wide range of goods to give customers a variety of products to choose from. These categories of products for sale include: Vehicles, Properties, Mobile Phones & Tablets, Electronics, Home & Furniture & Appliances, Health & Beauty, Fashion, Sports & Arts & Outdoors, CV & Job Seeking categories.

The major advantage of Jiji over other similar stores such as Jumia and Konga is that it offers lower prices for goods than Jumia and Konga. Please feel free to refer and subscribe to Jiji’s weekly flyer, Jiji Catalogue, for more information on Jiji deals.

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