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Prince Ebeano Supermarket is one of the fastest growing online Supermarket in Nigeria. Having recorded so many successes in recent times, this Supermarket is known to be an “all to one” neighborhood Supermarket designed to absolve Nigerians' needs for their daily necessities. Prince Ebeano Supermarket Catalogue has kept up its upward motion on the market recording all time heights in sales, patronage and profits. Offering a wide range of products at unbeatable price giving them an edge in the retail markets of Lagos and Abuja. The Prince Ebeano Supermarket offers a viable means of creating a youthful workforce who are financially stable in paid employment. Its online platform is top notch when it comes to navigation and conveniences sake.

In Prince Ebeano Supermarket, beginning from 2024/04/22 stores will be providing every interested individual the opportunity to view the latest flyers for discount on all of their mind – blowing categories Groceries available to them. This Prince Ebeano Supermarket Catalogue will provide every necessary available information as regards the latest Prince Ebeano Supermarket offers. Visit the website to view here for more available offers.

Prince Ebeano Supermarket Catalogue: All-in-One Neighborhood supermarket


Prince Ebeano Supermarket is said to be a partnership business by one Mr. Sunday Egede and Mr. David Ojei which began in 2009. Prince Ebeano Supermarket has grown since the inception of the business. Prince Ebeano supermarket is currently having five different outlets located in Abuja and in Lagos, also having its in-store pickups. The head office is located at Chevron Drive, Prince Ebeano Supermarket, no. 10 Chevron Drive, Lagos, Oniru New Market, Lagos State, Nigeria. Given their huge discount, especially in the Groceries, we can identify that Prince Ebeano Supermarket is out to offer the very best in customer satisfaction and adequate service delivery. Information about this can be found in the Prince Ebeano Supermarket’s flyer Prince Ebeano Supermarket Catalogue (here ), that is available on their website,

Prince Ebeano Supermarket Catalogue


Here is the list of categories in the Prince Ebeano Supermarket %name% catalogue Shoprite, CMart Supermarket, Spar, Justrite, Supermart, Game, Addide and Walmart:

  • Toiletries
  • Groceries
  • Food and Condiments
  • Mother care and toys
  • Beverages
  • Wines and Alcohols
  • Drinks 
  • Frozen
  • Electrical
  • Household
  • Beauty Spot 
  • Village Market

Prince Ebeano Supermarket offers opens from 8am to 8pm, Mondays to Saturdays, and 11am to 8pm on Sundays. Their mode of operation is quite similar to stores such as Shoprite, CMart Supermarket, Spar, Justrite, Supermart, Game, Addide and Walmart.

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