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Konga is known as one of the top online shops in Nigeria. The Popularity of Konga in the Nigerian market is extremely phenomenal. Konga provides goods and services at unbeatable and palatable prices. It offers a wide range of retail spanning categories ranging from home appliances to books, Children’s items to computers and its accessories, phone, and tablets to personal care products.

From 2024/04/01, Konga offerswill be providing massive opportunities to customers via their website Massive discounts of products Other The Konga flyer here can be made available to customers every week. Subscribe to Konga flyer,Konga Catalogue for mind-blowing deals available. Visit the to view Konga flyer Konga Catalogue for more on the latest Konga offers.

Konga Deals: Top online shopping mall

Shop is a Nigerian E-commerce company that was founded in July 2012 by Sim Shagaya having its headquarters in Gbagada, Lagos State Nigeria. In January 2015, Konga was ranked as the most visited website in Nigeria by Alexa Internet. Konga offices are located in various places in Nigeria such as in Lagos, Abuja, Enugu, Ibadan, Imo, and in Asaba Delta State. The official website, is available for use anytime, anywhere.

Categories of Konga Sales available


At Konga, you will find a wide selection of products rendered that are designed to ensure the highest heights of accessibilities and customer fulfillment with retail processes. The various categories of product sales include:

  • Computer and Accessories: This includes Laptops of all brands, Desktops and monitors, Pc Gaming, Software, Projectors printers, scanners, and other accessories.
  • Phone and Tablets: this category includes mobile phones and tablets of all kinds, mobile phone accessories, and tablet accessories.
  • Electronics: This section includes Televisions of all brands, Gaming stations accessories, Cameras, and their accessories.
  • Konga Fashion: Fashion they say is the spice of life, Konga never neglected this particular saying. In this section, we get to find clothes for both male and female, men and women accessories, shoes for both sexes and other related things. 
  • Home and Kitchen: This category includes both Large and Small Appliances of all kinds ranging from Samsung to LG and others. Home Furnishing is also not excluded. All kinds of kitchen utensils and the likes.
  • Baby, kids, and toys­­: This section includes all fashion accessories for kids, Baby essentials, Maternity, and the likes.
  • Other Categories: this includesoffice and school supplies, Automotive, Generator and power solutions, and other accessories.

Being known for efficiency and prompt delivery, Konga is said to be better when compared to others such as Jumia and Jiji. Feel free to like, subscribe and refer to Konga weekly flyer, Konga Catalogue, for more on Konga deals and promotions.

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Kimbino is truly a remarkable and exclusive brand that values excellence, customer fulfillment, and environmental sociability above all else. Follow the footsteps of Konga by patronizing Kimbino today by visiting and be rest assured of being delivered with the best flyers. Always know Kimbino loves you. Think green, think Kimbino NG.

Also feel free to visit our Kimbino website,, where you will find out much more information on our services and mode of operations with our clients.


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